About Us

Founded in 2011, Mophis is a Portuguese company located in Batalha, which uses natural stones such as marbles and limestone as raw material. We have a stock of high quality blocks national and international.


We offer a quality service and know-how from the paper do the final product. Listening to the customer, we elaborate your ideas and deliver your projects with the best packaging.


We are a creative company that makes contact with creative people from all over the world. Our motivation is to create and shape unique projects, we have high tech machines and a team of people ready to perform and offer a work of excellence. We are present in the market both nationally and internationally.


Interior design  and architecture are our main areas of work, we do the traditional, such as floor and wall coverings, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, but we also like to innovate with tables, lamps, cases, book saws, etc. The creativity is endless.


We have more than ten types os marbles and limestone in stock, blocks coming from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Morocco. (Acquatico; Carrara; Biancoso; Moca Cream; Moleanos; Fossilis; Brecciasa; Alpinina; Travertine; Guatemala; Emperador; Saint Laurent; Blackpool; Marquina; Asfalto; Portoro)


We do various finishes like polished, honed, flamed,bush-hammered, sandblasted and brushed. In the case of porous stones, it is possible to apply a resin to cover the holes and their natural imperfections.